Welcome, There is Love

Hello, I’m Rudy Colombini. I am a native of San Francisco, a musician, a businessman, and minister in A Course In Miracles. I am also a board member of the Community Miracles Center.

I teach workshops on A Course in Miracles at several locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The photo at right, taken by my good friend Robert Altman in 1967, embodies the essence of what A Course In Miracles means to me and what I try to impart from in in my students. The quote I have placed on the photo is worth repeating:

“When you meet anyone, remember it is a Holy encounter. As you see them you will see yourself. As you treat them, you will treat yourself. As you think of them, you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in them you will find yourself or lose yourself.”

Shifts in thinking make all the difference in how we live and how we feel. Learning to think differently about one another is the beginning of a journey to inner peace. A Course In Miracles is a spiritual path with a unique emphasis on relationships. To discover our own wholeness, we must uncover our oneness with other people, for they are a part of our larger Self, which the Course calls the Christ.

A Course In Miracles can help you heal yourself and all your relationships, and develop a greater sense of inner peace. It does not ask you to memorize, believe, or approach it with faith. All it requires is that you think about it… try it… experience the results… and decide for yourself.

I am pleased that you are visiting this page. Please contact me for any reason.